Looking for a way to mix things up with your product lines? Add new flavors and cut costs with mixes and bases. This is a way to maximize opportunities for growth, innovation, and diversification. So what exactly are mixes and bases, and why are they so great? Well, here to tell us all about it are two industry experts who work with them quite a bit.

Mix it up with bases

Your BAKED in Science host Mark Floerke is first joined by Al Orr, the VP of Sales and Marketing with J&K Ingredients, a value-added ingredient company that’s been around for over a hundred years. With almost 30 years in the industry, Al brings his expertise to help customers find the right custom blend for their product. Mark and Al discuss the difference between a mix, base and concentrate:

  • Mix: all ingredients are included, making up anywhere from 50 to 100% percent of a formula.You just need to add water or another liquid.
  • Base: usually around 20% of a formula, it calls for the addition of ingredients like oil, shortening, yeast, flour and sweeteners, allowing for more customization.
  • Concentrate: 3% of flour base, it’s made up of all minor and micro ingredients.

The conversation explains how these premixes can help solve issues such as specialty ingredient sourcing, storage, costs and how they can be customized for a good fit.

Our next guest is Tomasz Hoekstra, a Master Baker and technical sales manager at IREKS North America. This 160 year old ingredient company partners with bakeries with creative ideas and services, providing sourdoughs, malts and a number of mixes.

Tomasz shares about some of the available combinations when it comes to things like aroma, flavor, taste, dough improvers, gluten free, and more. Also discussed is pandemic challenges for bakeries, staff changes, and how innovation and unique products can be a boost to bakeries these days.

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