Do you have issues trying to prevent mold on your product? Or maybe some of your baked products later have a small amount of water gathered? Water activity is one of the biggest reasons why breads and pastries have fast mold growth.

So on today’s podcast Richard Charpentier and Dr. Lin answer your mold and shelf life questions. If you want to go in depth into improving your cake or bread shelf life, go to the BAKERview section on our BAKER academy to download the episodes on cake and bread shelf life extension techniques. They are absolutely free to our users, thanks to our amazing sponsors.

Shelf life answers to prevent mold

Dr. Lin and Richard cover a few different aspects of stopping mold and extending shelf life. They answer these questions:

  • What is water activity and how do I measure it?
  • How can I stop my cakes from molding?
  • Can I make my no bake cookies last 90 days?
  • Can I extend the shelf life of my donut for more than 24 hours?
  • How can I keep my coconut cookie from becoming rancid?
  • How can I keep my icing shelf stable?
  • Why does my pastry with honey mold less? Does honey have anti-mold properties?
  • Are preservatives safe? I don’t like to use preservatives.
  • Does packaging help with molding?

If you want to seek an alternative go to our natural preservatives page and seek solutions from there.

Low water activity can help inhibit microorganism growth. Learn more about water activity in baking.

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