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Tonya Lofgren is the Marketing Manager at Ciranda, Inc., a U.S. based supplier of organic and non-GMO food ingredients including flours, oils, sweeteners and cocoa. As a member of the company’s Eco-Social team, she works collaboratively to ensure ingredients are produced using sustainable methods and fair labor practices. She leads Ciranda’s community outreach efforts to educate locally on the impact of our current food supply.
16 07, 2019

Lecithin: The Clean Label Emulsifier


If you have looked into or tried baking with a clean label, you know one of the challenges is finding a suitable emulsifier. May I suggest, lecithin? With natural, organic, and non-GMO lecithin products on the market, it’s easy to fit the requirements of a clean label. This is because lecithin is found naturally in [...]

Lecithin: The Clean Label Emulsifier2019-07-16T09:27:59-07:00
11 12, 2018

Selecting the Right Organic or Non-GMO Lecithin


These days it’s not so much a question of if you’ll use an organic or non-GMO emulsifier, but which one. With organic lecithin now more commercially available, the European Union is requiring that all lecithin used in organic foods must be organic starting in 2019, and the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) has been requiring [...]

Selecting the Right Organic or Non-GMO Lecithin2018-12-12T14:13:08-07:00
16 03, 2017

Is Your Palm Oil Sustainable?


Palm oil is harvested from palm tree farms. Palm oil is found in over half of the products on supermarket shelves – from face cream to toothpaste, cleaning products and candles, to snack foods, cookies, frostings and breads. Unlike partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, palm oil does not contain trans fats. The refined oils [...]

Is Your Palm Oil Sustainable?2018-12-10T05:23:51-07:00