About Robert Mason

Senior Scientist - Applications Lab SensoryEffects, a division of BALCHEM Corporation. Robert Mason works with a team of talented scientists trained in bakery, meat and encapsulation technologies. They are highly skilled in formula development for meat, bakery and confectionery products.
1 08, 2017

Is Mold Waste Hurting Your Bakery?

Is mold the culprit in your bakery’s waste issues? Sorbic acid is a broad-spectrum anti-molding agent that covers a wide range of spoilage organisms and works synergistically with propionates commonly used in the baking industry.1 Unfortunately, one of the microorganisms sorbic acid is effective against is standard baker’s yeast. So how can bakers utilize the [...]

4 05, 2016

Extend Shelf Life with the Right Tools

By Robert Mason Senior Scientist - Applications Lab   The usable shelf life of a baked product is determined by two factors: molding and staling. The 'molding' found in bakery products is actually the result of three different subclasses of microbes: yeasts, molds and bacteria. However, with the right products and applications, molding can be drastically [...]


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