About Jose Lopez

Jose is a baking industry enthusiast with over 30 years of experience. He is a graduate from the school of hard knocks and high-speed bakery applications. He has been certified in Baking Science and Technology and Food Processing/Sanitation from the American Institute of Baking. Jose has been a session chair and recently was on the Board of Directors at the American Society of Baking. Currently, he is the VP of Technical Service for AB Mauri North America, where he leads a team supporting his customers. His passion is assisting bakers make a great product and education the next generation of bakers.
20 07, 2022

Snack Food Production

Who doesn’t love a nice snack? Lucky me, there will be plenty of options to check out at IBIE 2022! These days, consumer demand for convenience foods is growing increasingly faster for several reasons, including the desire to taste new products, different food habits, plus more awareness about healthy foods. Usually, snack foods are [...]


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