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About Mark Floerke

Mark is a bakery application scientist and accomplished pastry chef. He began his 45 year career with an apprenticeship in Germany as a pastry chef, and went on to work for retail bakeries, restaurants, resorts, and commercial commissaries. Mark has experience with product development and ingredient research, and has mentored future professionals as a baking instructor. He is a part of BAKERpedia’s BAKERin program and is the BAKED in Science Podcast Host.
9 08, 2022

Discover Stress-free Dough Processing

This year’s IBIE Baking Expo will showcase plenty of dough processing solutions. For bakers, that’s great news because the concept of dough processing is constantly evolving, and continues to gain importance as bakers are trying to meet new consumer demands. Many of today’s dough processing technologies are utilized in pan bread and bun production. These can [...]


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