About David Deblauwe

David Deblauwe started working in an artisan bakery in his home village at the age of 12. A Food Scientist from GroepT – Leuven, David is also a graduate from the Bakery School in Bruges. He joined Puratos in 1995, mainly working with industrial customers. He moved to the USA to develop Puratos’ sourdough business mainly in USA, Canada and Mexico in 2009. His deep knowledge of artisan, industrial baking, the understanding the science behind sourdough, helps David deliver insights on solutions for the baker. David stills bakes weekly with his own sourdough at home to share the beauty and art of sourdough bread with his children.
7 09, 2016

The Nutritional Benefits of Sprouted Grains

Sprouted grains are ground down before being used in products. Sprouted grains are believed to be nutritionally superior to non-sprouted grains. Just take a look at their rising popularity. The key benefits claimed for sprouting are: Increased amount of vitamins and minerals Increased bioavailability of vitamins and minerals Rich source of fiber Increased digestibility However, [...]


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