About Christian Jonassen

Christian comes with experience and in-depth knowledge within the bakery industry – a true skilled baker from the heart combined with technological knowledge. In his career, he's seen almost every corner of the industry: 15 years working in small to large size bakeries, working abroad and in supermarket in-store bakeries with responsibilities for laminated products. Before joining Arla Foods Ingredients, he was working 10 years as Application Technologist for Danisco/DuPont focusing on functional ingredients like enzymes, emulsifiers and stabilizers for bakery and cereals. His experience within food technology covers biscuits, breads, cakes, tortillas and gluten-free applications. As Application Specialist at Arla Foods Ingredients, Christian is working with whey and milk-based proteins for both bakeries and protein bars. As specialist, he is providing service for industrial manufacturers closely linked to sales, advising on reformulations/development of recipes as well as processing parameters when adding proteins – no matter if the target is to substitute eggs or enrichment properties.
16 01, 2023

Problems and Solutions for High-protein Cookies

Commercial bakers are adding protein. Lots of it. To everything. The high-protein trend is taking off in the baking industry, with consumers looking for added value and nutrition to their food. Baking with extra protein does present its fair share of challenges, but there are a growing number of innovative solutions to help make [...]

18 11, 2020

How to Maximize Protein in Premium Bakery Products

Brought to you by Arla Food Ingredients Muffins, brownies, croissants – wherever you look in the fine bakery category, there’s a growing demand for premium, single-portion products that are enriched with protein. And not just a small addition, either. Today, consumers increasingly want to see anything from 20% to 40% protein on the label [...]


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