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With over 75 years of revolutionizing conveyor belts, Ashworth continues to lead the market with the most conveyor belt patents for industries that include commercial baking and food processing. Companies around the world depend on Ashworth’s quality products, reliable customer service, and innovative solutions to resolve problems and increase productivity. Ashworth Factory Service offers a full range of engineering services, including system refurbishment, troubleshooting, and belt installation.

The SmartSpiral® Monitoring System

Ashworth offers the SmartSpiral® Monitoring System – an innovative application that provides real-time remote monitoring using predictive analytics to minimize production downtime. The SmartSpiral allows access to multiple spiral/plant locations from your phone and tablet to continuously monitor spiral temperature, belt tension, cage power and features the industry’s first patented bottom bearing wear sensor.

The PosiDrive Spiral® System

Ashworth’s PosiDrive Spiral® System features a unique drive design that is designed for heavier loads, eliminates jam-ups, and helps to streamline packaging. Reduce downtime and improve efficiency with the PosiDrive Spiral, an affordable solution for new and existing spiral applications.


Ashworth’s ExactaStack® is an affordable belt option for standard and wide belt stackers, for companies that need a cost-effective, high quality food processing solution.

As your industry partner, Ashworth offers global expertise to optimize the functions and mechanics of food processing conveyor systems that are key to moving your business forward.

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