Assorted artisan breads with wheat kernels.

A variety of rustic, hand-shaped breads fall in the Artisan category.

Artisan breads are in high demand right now. Named one of the top bread trends for this year, they are popular for their wholesome, natural persona. There is no exact definition for artisan bread. However, it has come to mean bread baked by an artisan baker—or a baker who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to bread.

Artisans breads, such as a ciabatta or brioche, are rustic and unique. They are usually shaped by hand and hearth style ovens are used most of the time, opposed to convection ovens.

Typically, Artisan breads do not have artificial preservatives or flavors. In fact, the ingredient list is usually nothing more than flour, water, yeast and salt. High gluten flour is often used, to create a crispy crust and chewy center.

Try: Baguettes

Baguettes can fall into the artisan bread category.  Although similar to french bread, they are skinnier with a much crispier crust—due to a high crust-to-crumb ratio. Size and shape can range from two to six feet.

Baguettes most likely originated in Vienna. However, they became popular in France when bakers needed a quick bread to make for the the breakfast rush. Today, the bread is synonymous with France.

Try this Baguette recipe!

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