Fava or faba beans can be used in gluten-free baking, and as a source of protein.

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Flaxseed has been around for awhile as source nutrition. However, what’s the best way to harness the benefits and function of flaxseed for commercial baking uses? Flaxseed can not only increase the nutritional profile of bread products, but when done right, it can improve the quality as well.

Breaking down flaxseed

These seeds have exceptionally high levels of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), dietary fiber, high quality protein and phytoestrogens. In baking, it has shown promise as a fat replacer. In sponge cake, flaxseed can replace up to 30% in formulas. However, too much flaxseed flour can cause hardness and chewiness.

So what’s the best way to get the benefits of flaxseed?

Case Study: Flaxseed Powder in Toast Bread

At InterFiber we have developed technologically advanced methods of obtaining defatted flaxseed powder. The result is Super Flaxseed FL, which shows a lot of promise. Here’s how it improved toast bread.

Are There Benefits of Making Bread with Flaxseed?

When added to liquid it forms a gel-like substance, which helps support emulsion forming and adds stability. The more Super Flaxseed FL added, the higher efficiency.

Formula for de-fated flaxseed in bread.

In the final product, it added a favorable light brown color. The volume of the final increased until around 2.5% of the ingredient was used. Also, increased levels increased the moisture of the final product. The increased moisture extends the feeling of freshness.  Here’s how it increased moisture levels up to 48hrs:

Super Flaxseed FL moisture levels up to 48hrs in toast bread.

Here is the general analysis of appearance and efficiency

Efficiency of Flaxseed FL in toast bread.

Appearance of Flaxseed FL in toast bread.

So in summary:

  • Toast bread with Super Flaxseed FL is more efficient compared to bread with no fiber
  • It keeps moisture for a longer period, improving freshness
  • It’s a natural colorant, that adds a favorable light brown color
  • It’s adaptable to bread recipes

To learn more about Super Flaxseed FL and its applications, contact us!

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