a selection of natural ingredients. a selection of natural ingredients

Natural ingredients are a good start to clean labels

Defining “clean label” is tricky. Your consumers want products as natural as possible, without chemicals and hard-to-pronounce ingredients. And while clean label may be a buzzword, there’s no FDA definition or standard list of ingredients to classify it. However, taking the steps towards clean labels with your products is not too difficult.

Where to begin with Clean Labels

  • Start by cutting out chemical replacements, and using enzymes instead. These functional proteins are found naturally and abundantly in foods such as fruits, vegetables and fish. Enzymes allow you to maintain product quality with natural ingredients.
  • Hydrocolloids such as xanthan gum and alginate are another natural option to replace dough strengtheners.
  • Simplify your ingredients and recipes wherever you can, sticking to additives like natural colors and flavors.

    Read a list of clean ingredient alternatives here!

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