Soybeans work as a great plant-based emulsifier alternative.

Soybeans work as a great plant-based emulsifier alternative.As a baker and innovator, I think it’s important to push myself and try new things; to seek alternative ways to look at my products and ingredients. One way to do that, AND keep customers happy:

Try an Emulsifier Alternative!

Most emulsifiers used in the baking industry are synthetically made. While they work well, they open the door to the possibility of intestinal permeability.

People with celiac disease are recommended to stay away from products that promote that. So, alternative emulsifiers act well in gluten free breads, plus help create a clean label product.

What can I use instead?

  • Transglutaminase (TGase) – produced by fungal fermentation. It works especially well in gluten free products, improving crumb firmness.
  • Plant Protein – extracted from plants. An important emulsifier due its surface properties. Soybeans and other beans, peas or lentils are often used.
  • Hydrocolloids – extracted from plants. An excellent stabilizing agent, and it can help with shelf life.

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