Add natural flavor with onions in baked goods.

Did you know that taste is one of the top factors consumer look at when buying food? They are looking for a big flavor punch that creates a tasteful experience.

However, they are also looking for natural artificial-free baked goods as well. Flavor intensive products that are clean label can be tricky. But sometimes it helps to go back to the basics.

Like Onions. They have been used in food for ages. Available in different forms, they are a great blend of natural and flavor.

A few tips for adding onions to your bread products:

  • Fried or powdered onions can be mixed into the dough with no significant impact on gluten development.
  • Given their antimicrobial activity, more yeast may be needed for proper product volume.
  • Switching from fresh to dry forms should be carried out based on total solids content, since fresh onions contain 90% water and the flavors/actives are found in the dry portion.
  • Powdered onion goes well with ground caraway and dill seeds. Rye and pumpernickel bread can be prepared using these three ingredients.
  • Crispy fried  pieces can not only add flavor, but also add a visual aspect to baked goods