Lin Carson, PhD

CEO and Founder, BAKERpedia

Lin Carson, PhD|Founder, BAKERpedia

Lin Carson, PhD – BAKERpedia Founder & CEO

Imagine a platform that combines the features of Google and Wikipedia, offers everything you need to know about industry trends, ingredient information, baking processes and basically provides all the answers to your baking questions. A central resource that gives free access to everyone. 

That’s BAKERpedia.

After setting up the R&D , Quality and Co-manufacturing departments at Dave’s Killer Bread and Wendy’s and running a bakery cafe, I discovered a huge gap in information sharing. 

There may be many professional baking media and blogs out there but none provide scientific, technical baking information that the industry requires to make key business decisions on a daily basis. 

Wasting half a day sourcing for information, looking for the latest technology process and simply brushing up on industry terms is a thing of the past.

With BAKERpedia, we do all the thinking so you can focus on your business. 

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