Fava or faba beans can be used in gluten-free baking, and as a source of protein.
There are plenty of decorative icings/frostings on the market, but it’s hard to find one that can stand up to the heat. However, here is an emulsifying dietary fiber that creates a heat stable frosting or icing, while enabling the integration of healthy vegetable oils instead of hard fats, at the same time!

CAVAMAX® W6 is the brand for alpha-dextrin: a naturally occurring soluble dietary fiber enzymatically derived from starch. When mixed with water and fat, it can help to stabilize emulsions and therefore can replace traditional emulsifiers and provide additional benefits such as heat stability in decorative icing and frostings.

Here are the key benefits:

  • 100% vegan
  • Enables replacement of hard fats with healthy vegetable oils
  • Better nutrition profile by replacing solid and trans fats
  • Easy viscosity modulation
  • Spreadable even at refrigerated temperatures
  • Improved heat stability allows baker to decorate there cake without cooling

CAVAMAX® W6 can be declared as alpha-dextrin (fiber) on U.S. labels. The brand name can also be added to the ingredient list.

What makes it innovative?

Icing and frosting are the finishing touch for many baked goods, adding flavor and sweetness. However, they also influence the shelf life and the nutrition profile due to high levels of hard fats.  With CAVAMAX® W6 alpha-dextrin, you can replace those fats with healthy vegetable oils.

This ingredient also increases the stability of the resulting icings and frostings under high stress conditions. The resulting products can handle temperatures above 50 °C/122 °F during transport or storage in warmer climates. So there is no weeping, leaching or melting in your frosting during temperature fluctuations.

How does it work as a heat stable frosting?

The cyclodextrin ring has a lipophilic cavity and a hydrophilic outer layer. The lipophilic cavity  can interact with fatty acids from triglycerides and the resulting structure can effectively acts as an emulsifier to stabilize various emulsions. This unique functionality can be attributed to making a better heat stable frosting or icing, and improving spreadability with CAVAMAX® W6.

CAVAMAX® W6, a type of alpha-dextrin, used in frosting.

What fats can you use?

Basically, any type of triglyceride fat or fatty acid ester will work. Liquid fats, such as soybean or canola oil, will help give a better nutritional profile than saturated fats. Solids fats such as palm coconut or butter can also be used. However, it helps to melt the fats first to get better emulsification. This allows  baker to use any type of fat in their icings and frostings and allowing them option to replace hard fat with healthy vegetable fat in the formulations.

What are some other uses for this ingredient?

CAVAMAX® W6 has unique functionality of having both emulsifying and whipping properties. With its emulsifying, foaming and stabilizing properties, alpha-dextrin can also be used for egg-free/vegan muffins, cupcakes, cakes and sweet dough products. It is also a valuable ingredient in egg-free mayonnaise and sauces, as well as dairy-free coconut milk powder.

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