3 Tricks for Hamburger Buns.

What’s one of the products we get the most questions about? Buns. The simple hamburger bun has many uses and demands these days.

So what’s the secret to a perfect hamburger bun?

Here are a few places to get started:

  • Fermentation: Hamburger buns made with prior fermentation have a cleaner cut, better quality, improved flavor and aroma, a more resilient crumb and an improved sheen. Water and flour brews are most common.
  • Flour: Buns require a strong flour to obtain dough with good viscoelastic characteristics, gas retention and a final product with a good volume and a uniform crumb.
  • Shelf life: If buns are not used within three days of production, calcium propionate or natural mold inhibitors can be used. In addition, shelf-life extension can be achieved through enzymes.

There are plenty of ways to make your buns stand out! From the dough flavor and color, to the shape, to inclusions and toppings, like seeds or crispy fried onions.

Bun formula using a straight dough method

Ingredient Baker’s %
Flour 100
Water 65
Ice 2
Sugar 13
Dry Yeast 4
Soy Oil 3
Salt 2
Dough Conditioner 0.25-0.5

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