23 05, 2017

Pitching a Loaf Podcast: S1E6 Having Eyes in the Oven

Do you know what’s happening in your oven? You should, your bakery could be doing a lot better. That’s the lesson one baker shares with Dr. Lin Carson and David Deblauwe on today’s show. For years, their large-scale bakery had been experiencing 10-15% waste in bread products. Now, they have it down to 2%. How? [...]

11 04, 2017

Protect your Buns!

Hamburger buns come in all shapes and sizes, but still need to be cooked properly. As the weather (hopefully) starts warming up, we start getting ready for backyard, BBQ nights. In the food industry, this means ramping up those summer-time food staples, like hamburger buns. For a product like the hamburger bun, you want [...]

23 11, 2016

Kill Step Calculator

Kill Step Calculator What is a Kill Step Calculator? The kill step calculator is a tool used by bakers to validate kill steps against the bacterial pathogen Salmonella. From a food safety standpoint, the kill step is necessary to eliminate harmful pathogens and reduce the microbial load in food to safe levels. [...]

7 06, 2015

Yeast Kill

In baking, proper timing of the yeast kill will control the height of the baked good. Yeast Kill Also Known As Yeast Inactivation Temperature What is Yeast Kill? Yeast provides vital gas production for achieving volume in baked goods. Its peak is during proofing, and into oven spring. Thermal profiling is [...]

7 06, 2015

Starch Gelatinization

Starch Gelatinization What is Starch Gelatinization? Starch gelatinization is the irreversible loss of the molecular order of starch granules (crystallinity). It is considered a glass transition from an ordered initial state to a disordered final state, usually resembling a “melting” process, that requires water and heat.1,2 In the cooking or baking process, [...]


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