12 11, 2019

3 Problems and Solutions for High-protein Cookies


Brought to you by Arla Foods Ingredients Commercial bakers are adding protein. Lots of it. To everything. The high-protein trend is taking off in the baking industry, with consumers looking for added value and nutrition to their food. Baking with extra protein does present its fair share of challenges, but there are a growing number [...]

3 Problems and Solutions for High-protein Cookies2019-11-04T11:52:58-08:00
8 11, 2019

Protecting the Tool that Optimizes Baking Processes


Thermal profiling is an essential procedure for any top-quality bakery that optimizes baking processes. Ensuring that ovens are performing properly and that dough is reaching the desired temperatures, the thermal profiler is a must-have tool for modern bakeries.  But, with the temperatures these devices will see inside the oven, protecting them with a thermal barrier [...]

Protecting the Tool that Optimizes Baking Processes2019-11-08T10:48:06-08:00
5 11, 2019

Creating High-protein, Low-net-carb Bakery Products


Brought to you by MGP Ingredients The high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet trend shows no sign of slowing as consumers continue to look for ways to support their weight loss by consuming lower “net carb” foods.  The KETO diet trend is a good example.  Yet just 2% of bakery products carried high or added protein claims in [...]

Creating High-protein, Low-net-carb Bakery Products2019-11-04T11:05:47-08:00
4 11, 2019

Baking a Gluten-free Dessert That Needs Thickening?


Then here's the ingredient you need to put in. Pre-gelatinized rice flour! You'll find it most often in gluten-free baking, low-volume bread, batters and frostings. When do you use pre-gelatinized rice flour?  It works well for: Thickening Binding Increasing water absorption Reducing water activity How does it work?  Due to it’s production process, pre-gelatinized rice flour instantly [...]

Baking a Gluten-free Dessert That Needs Thickening?2019-11-04T14:30:59-08:00
29 10, 2019

Benefits of Oat Fiber in Baking and on the Label


Brought to you by Grain Millers. Any kind of fiber claim on a baked good label is a popular selling point for all ranges of consumers. In fact, over half are looking for more dietary fiber to eat. However, from a baking standpoint, it’s more complicated than just adding more fiber. What kind of fiber [...]

Benefits of Oat Fiber in Baking and on the Label2019-11-01T14:26:14-08:00
28 10, 2019

Create Your Own Signature Baked Products


Brought to you by Lallemand Baking Right now, consumers are looking for food with substance. They want products that tell a story; that create an experience with differentiation. For bakers, this creates a space to get creative with flavors. It’s also a way to set your brand apart, creating a signature bread or cracker or, well, almost [...]

Create Your Own Signature Baked Products2019-10-28T10:25:59-08:00
22 10, 2019

How to Judge Baking Quality


You have a product, and it’s pretty great. But just how great is it? Or better yet, what is its quality? Defining the quality of baked goods can be difficult unless you’re using tests and benchmarks to quantify it. How can you do this? Baking tests such as gassing power, gas retention, mixing tolerance/stability, and water [...]

How to Judge Baking Quality2019-10-22T09:20:11-08:00
8 10, 2019

Don’t Get Sour About Sourdough!


Sourdough: one of the most popular and delicious of breads! For bakers: an art form. True, it’s one of the simplest formulas—pretty much four and water. However, the baker needs to masterfully control the ingredients and process to end up with a consistent, signature flavored bread. The chemistry of sourdough Inside sourdough, microorganisms feed on the flour to produce [...]

Don’t Get Sour About Sourdough!2019-10-08T10:00:28-08:00