16 07, 2019

What to Look Forward to at IBIE 2019


Brought to you by IBIE Every three years, the entire baking community comes together at IBIE to experience new technology, access best-in-class education, find inspiration and connect with important resources. Because this is the venue where baking professionals in all roles and from every industry segment join together, the progress that originates at IBIE helps to shape [...]

What to Look Forward to at IBIE 20192019-07-17T10:09:20-07:00
16 07, 2019

Lecithin: The Clean Label Emulsifier


If you have looked into or tried baking with a clean label, you know one of the challenges is finding a suitable emulsifier. May I suggest, lecithin? With natural, organic, and non-GMO lecithin products on the market, it’s easy to fit the requirements of a clean label. This is because lecithin is found naturally in [...]

Lecithin: The Clean Label Emulsifier2019-07-16T09:27:59-07:00
2 07, 2019

Learn Your Own Way at the BAKERpedia Academy


Improving your craft and knowledge is how you’ll improve your career, product and business in the baking industry. But it can be hard to do when you're busy doing your job. Plus, everyone learns differently. So, that's why we built the BAKERpedia Academy. So what’s your learning style? Online: take the digital academy! BAKERpedia has [...]

Learn Your Own Way at the BAKERpedia Academy2019-07-02T13:59:27-07:00
26 06, 2019

Get a Technological Edge at PROCESS EXPO 2019


Brought to you by the Food Processing Suppliers Association In the baking industry, there’s a clear focus on ingredients and formulas. And while these are crucial aspects, processing equipment and technologies can be just as important. Without efficient production lines that take advantage of the latest technology, you’re missing out on changes to improve the [...]

Get a Technological Edge at PROCESS EXPO 20192019-07-17T10:18:07-07:00
25 06, 2019

Baking Better Gluten-free Products


Brought to you by ECD Gluten-free products are currently a major trend in the bakery industry, and will continue to be for years to come. There are two reasons behind this trend: Medical: Gluten intolerances, celiac disease, wheat allergies. Several studies confirm an increase of these health conditions in the population of developed countries in [...]

Baking Better Gluten-free Products2019-07-17T10:17:45-07:00
24 06, 2019

Learning to Bake with Rye Flour


If you’re looking to add a splash of flavor to your breads, especially sourdough, rye flour is a great option. But did you know it bakes differently than wheat flour? It’s because of the protein! Rye is high in in gliadin, which is the flowey protein that helps make up gluten. However, there's no glutenin, the elastic part. This [...]

Learning to Bake with Rye Flour2019-06-24T08:57:32-07:00
17 06, 2019

3 Things to Expect with Dough Conditioners


Since their modern form’s arrival to the baking industry in the 1950s, dough conditioners have helped us make better, more reliable dough and products. They cover a pretty wide range of ingredients, from strengtheners to improvers. No matter which ones (or combination of ones) you use, they should be accomplishing three main targets for you. Consistent outcome [...]

3 Things to Expect with Dough Conditioners2019-06-17T16:48:52-07:00
14 06, 2019

A Guide to Reducing Agents in Dough


This blog is part of a series of articles from the Lallemand Baking Update publication. See the full series here. Reducing agents are a type of dough conditioner used to reduce mix time and improve extensibility. They are used in bread to increase bakery throughput and to adjust for flour variation and [...]

A Guide to Reducing Agents in Dough2019-07-05T12:13:52-07:00
10 06, 2019

Sources of High Fiber in Baking


We talk about fiber a lot here. And for good reason! It’s one of the biggest baking and food trends that just keeps growing. And we find all the sources of high fiber out there fascinating. Because lots of sources of fiber means there’s room for creativity and unique takes to find a solution that works for you [...]

Sources of High Fiber in Baking2019-06-10T21:32:16-07:00
28 05, 2019

Bakery Consumer Trends: Craft, Ethical Lifestyle and Transparency


What story does your food tell? Consumers today are looking for more than just personal substance from their bakery products. They want to know about the ingredients, process and company behind the food. When it comes to the bigger picture of bakery, pastry and chocolate products, there are a few things that customers value more [...]

Bakery Consumer Trends: Craft, Ethical Lifestyle and Transparency2019-06-03T10:36:54-07:00