17 09, 2019

How to Make Clean Label Sweet with Cakes


The clean label trend is way past just the “healthy” foods. Customers want their indulgent treats to be natural as well. So how do you make a clean label cake with a simple label that isn’t going to let down people’s expectations? It starts with taking things out. Like all other clean label products, you’ll be removing [...]

How to Make Clean Label Sweet with Cakes2019-09-17T09:48:00-07:00
5 09, 2019

Creating a Signature Crunch in Baked Crackers


Brought to you by Ingredion Increase preference by creating a texture that aligns with what your customers want most. With snack texturizer solutions, you can produce a range of expansion properties and make light and crispy to hard and crunchy crackers. Baked snacks with the texture and the functionality you need Create optimized and differentiated [...]

Creating a Signature Crunch in Baked Crackers2019-09-16T15:15:46-07:00
4 09, 2019

Are There Benefits of Making Bread with Flaxseed?


Brought to you by InterFiber Flaxseed has been around for awhile as source nutrition. However, what’s the best way to harness the benefits and function of flaxseed for commercial baking uses? Flaxseed can not only increase the nutritional profile of bread products, but when done right, it can improve the quality as well. Breaking down [...]

Are There Benefits of Making Bread with Flaxseed?2019-09-04T16:15:36-07:00
1 09, 2019

Cultured Wheat: The Natural Preservative


Cultured wheat really is great stuff. Here is a strong preservative that is natural, allowing you to have a solid shelf life without chemicals like sorbates or benzoates. Here’s why you should bake with cultured wheat: Texture-building Anti-staling Fights bacteria, yeast and molds Natural! How does preserve products? Wheat flour is fermented with P. freudenreichii, [...]

Cultured Wheat: The Natural Preservative2019-09-03T14:27:44-07:00
26 08, 2019

What’s the Oven Heat Flux?


If you’re troubleshooting your oven, there’s plenty to look at. However, did you know checking the heat flux can be the best non-intrusive indicator of how well your oven's preforming? What is heat flux? The definition is, “the amount of energy transferred per unit area per unit time from or to a surface.” Or more simply, [...]

What’s the Oven Heat Flux?2019-08-26T13:28:18-07:00
20 08, 2019

How Do You Document Humidity in Baking?


Brought to you by Reading Thermal Baking products takes more than just heat. From the moment dough is developed and starts the journey through proofers, ovens, and cooling racks, a number of factors come into play: time, temperature, airflow, energy transfer, and humidity. Why do you care about adjusting and documenting humidity? The amount of [...]

How Do You Document Humidity in Baking?2019-08-19T15:20:43-07:00
19 08, 2019

Ingredient Tips for Frozen Dough


More and more consumers like to do their own baking. Or at least part of it. So it's no surprise that frozen dough is one of the fastest growing bakery segments. But if you make dough that's frozen, there will need to be some specific adjustments to make. Ingredients in frozen dough Flour: should be strong with high [...]

Ingredient Tips for Frozen Dough2019-08-20T11:42:03-07:00
12 08, 2019

The Science of Encapsulated Baking Powder


If you work with frozen or refrigerated dough or batter, you are probably familiar with encapsulated baking powder. And for good reason! The ability to release chemical leavening systems on demand is a game changer for products that sit and thaw for long periods of time. What all does encapsulated baking powder do? Provide consistent leavening following [...]

The Science of Encapsulated Baking Powder2019-08-12T13:38:42-07:00
5 08, 2019

Is Rice Flour a Good Choice for Gluten-Free Baking?


There’s a reason we’ve been baking with wheat-based flour all these years. It just works so well! But thankfully we’re finding ways to make alternative flours work and thrive in our products! Like rice flour. It’s neutral flavor and white color works well in dough. Plus, it’s high in fiber and low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and [...]

Is Rice Flour a Good Choice for Gluten-Free Baking?2019-08-06T09:38:47-07:00
1 08, 2019

Are You Ready For a Food Recall?


Brought to you by AIB International No one wants their products to be recalled. But are you ready if it happens? The news is full of examples of recalls and withdrawals, as well as good and bad examples of handling the crisis. First and foremost, the safety of the public is at stake, but so [...]

Are You Ready For a Food Recall?2019-08-01T11:23:32-07:00