21 02, 2019

Change the World. Be a Better Baker.


If you really want to succeed with your career or company, you can't just keep doing the same things. You need to improve, try new things, and learn how the experts do it—so you can do it better. That's why at BAKERpedia we're committed to providing education and community for the commercial baking industry. That's [...]

Change the World. Be a Better Baker.2019-02-21T10:33:50-08:00
19 02, 2019

Bake a Better Clean Label Product


Clean label is a growing and large trend in the baking industry. Consumers, especially younger generations, are looking for original, healthier, simple and more familiar products that create a long-lasting customer adherence. Baking these products requires rethinking ingredients, processes and quality control. Currently, there is no absolute definition for clean label. Instead, the concept implies [...]

Bake a Better Clean Label Product2019-02-19T13:57:27-08:00
19 02, 2019

Try Something New: Baking with Barley


If there’s anything we’ve learned over the last few years, it’s that baking with the usual wheat flour isn’t the only option. With the popularity of clean label, functional food and ancient grains, we’re getting better at expanding our horizons when it comes to grains and flours. One to try: barley A few highlights of this [...]

Try Something New: Baking with Barley2019-02-19T10:21:01-08:00
14 02, 2019

Sugar Reduction in Baked Goods


To help combat the growing childhood obesity challenge, the UK sugar reduction program challenges all sectors of the food and drinks industry to reduce overall sugar across a range of products by at least 20% before 2020. The guidance suggests "reducing sugar levels in products, reducing portion size, or shifting purchasing towards lower sugar alternatives." [...]

Sugar Reduction in Baked Goods2019-02-14T14:12:18-08:00
12 02, 2019

What’s the Big Deal with the Kill Step Calculator?


You know the importance of the kill step. It’s the point during baking when harmful pathogens likeSalmonella spp. are eliminated. Although it’s always been crucial from a food safety stand point, there’s another layer. Now that FSMA has been rolled out, the kill step must be logged and documented in order for you to be in compliance. [...]

What’s the Big Deal with the Kill Step Calculator?2019-02-12T10:44:44-08:00
8 02, 2019

Add in Something Significant: Oat Flour


With so much focus on taking things out of bakery products, it’s nice to put something back in. Adding oat flour to a baked goods allows for increased taste, nutrition and quality. Alternative flours have been growing in popularity as consumer seek gluten-free baked goods and products that boost added nutritional value. Thankfully for bakers, [...]

Add in Something Significant: Oat Flour2019-02-08T09:29:33-08:00
5 02, 2019

Optimize Your Product with Thermal Profiling


Product optimization is very important to commercial bakeries. It imparts low scrap rate high-yield quality that improves margins for higher profitability to the business. To optimize bakery products, a clear understanding of the baking process and how it affects the product are key. One way to optimize products is the thermal profiling of the baking [...]

Optimize Your Product with Thermal Profiling2019-02-05T14:43:26-08:00
5 02, 2019

What if There was No More Chocolate?!


Over 20 years ago, stakeholders in the cocoa industry got together to discuss the future of cocoa, and the sustainable cocoa sector was born to provide stability and benefits to the entire industry. What makes chocolate sustainable? Ecology/environmental protection: Implementing agricultural tools that reduce deforestation, end the use of toxic chemicals and prevent soil erosion. People/society: Farmers receive [...]

What if There was No More Chocolate?!2019-02-05T10:52:52-08:00
31 01, 2019

4 Myths about Bread, Baking and Baker’s Yeast


Bread is an important foodstuff in everyday life. A healthy, balanced diet is the foundation of good health, and nutritionist and most health professionals recognize that bread should be part of a healthy diet. However, for multiple reasons the consumption of bread has been declining in the last decades. Some global population trends might influence [...]

4 Myths about Bread, Baking and Baker’s Yeast2019-02-01T13:57:49-08:00
28 01, 2019

Advantages of Baking with Sweet Rice Flour


As gluten-free products fill the market, so do gluten-free flours that can hold up in commercially baked goods. Different sources offer different benefits and challenges for bakers, so it’s nice to find a gluten-free option that provides additional benefits for its niche—like how sweet rice flour can also improve low fat and fat free snack [...]

Advantages of Baking with Sweet Rice Flour2019-01-28T11:40:35-08:00