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BlueSens is a renowned German manufacturer of analytical gas measurement technology, which is mainly used in the bioprocess industry. BlueSens was founded 2001 and is headquartered in Herten, Germany. The US subsidiary is in Wood Dale, Illinois.

BlueSens’ core business is the development, production and sales of high quality gas analyzers (CO2, O2, H2, CH4), applicable for any kind of process with a special focus on bioprocess development.

For Bakers, Bakeries and Quality Controllers: YeastForce

In cooperation with the well-known VH Berlin e.V. (Research Center for Baker’s Yeast), the YeastForce was developed for use with yeasts, doughs and other applications in the food industry. The YeastForce provides comprehensive control of yeast performance QC parameters, determining more than just yeast activity/dough raising power in one step. During the fermentation of dough, gas (CO2) is produced and the pressure in the measuring vessel changes. YeastForce is equipped with CO2, pressure and temperature sensors that provide you with values online and in real time at any time providing calculations of important dough parameters for optimal baking results

YeastForce can measure more than yeast performance testing:

  • Yeast activity/raising power under professional, standardized conditions
  • Optimal dough volume and fermentation conditions
  • Effectiveness of leavening agents or additives
  • Optimize recipes and test effects of recipe changes (use of additives) or freezing etc on the dough
  • Dough maturity (avoid over or under proofing)

With the modern, compact YeastForce device (162.6 x 224.5 mm) you can determine e.g. the raising power of yeasts (yeast activity), or also sugar solutions as CO2 – pressure measurement [mbar] over time without great manual effort.

Quite simply and without great expense or equipment, YeastForce measures CO2, pressure and temperature in fermenting dough pieces of any kind. It does not matter which leavening agent is used (dried or fresh yeast, baking powder, sourdough, etc.).

YeastForce measures without mechanically affecting the dough piece. The sample vessel is made of glass, so you can perform visual checks at any time. The associated software is easy to use, records everything, calculates the relevant values automatically and provides all values in a meaningful graphical display and a full report.

YeastForce is used for automatic determination of:

  • Gas volume
  • Dough volume
  • Gas holding capacity
  • Tearing time of the dough

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