The IFT annual event is a place bustling with new technologies, interesting ingredients, and hundreds of other things to spark the interests of the food industry. There’s plenty to explore, so in case you didn’t get to see everything, here are a few of our favorite innovations from the show. Dr. Lin learns about new fiber innovations, sugar reduction solutions and fiber-rich frosting!

New Fibers from InterFiber

Witosław Pastuszka from Interfiber shares about their sugar cane fiber product. Besides adding fiber to products, it’s zero calorie. It also adds no taste or sweetness, and has a very neutral color and taste. They share their favorite use for it, and some other fiber products.

Sugar Replacement from Ingredion

Eric Shinsato with Ingredion talks about Astraea Allulose, a sugar replacement. A low-calorie bulking agent, it’s 70% as sweet as sugar. Plus, it has similar browning and volume benefits to sugar. The ingredient is available in liquid or crystalline form. Eric covers how it can be used in formulas, the benefits, and other sugar replacement solutions.

Plant Proteins from MGP Ingredients

Sara Gutowski at MGP Ingredients has some plant-based proteins in a vegan crab cake. It’s a wheat protein isolate that has a texture and appearance similar to meat. However, it’s resilient structure makes it useful in many applications. Then she shares about Fibersym, an ingredient that can be used as to replace part of the flour in recipes, at a one-to-one replacement ratio. Also, listen to the end to learn about a secret society!

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