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Dr. Lin Carson’s love affair with baking started over 25 years ago when she earned her BSc degree in Food Science & Technology at the Ohio State University. She went on to earn her MSc then PhD from the Department of Grain Science at Kansas State University. Seeing that technical information was not freely shared in the baking industry, Dr. Lin decided to launch BAKERpedia to cover this gap. Today, as the world’s only FREE and comprehensive online technical resource for the commercial baking industry, BAKERpedia is used by over half a million commercial bakers, ingredient sellers, equipment suppliers and baking entrepreneurs annually. You can catch Dr. Lin regularly on the BAKED In Science podcast solving baking problems. For more information on Dr. Lin, subscribe to her "Ask Dr. Lin" YouTube Channel, or follow her on LinkedIn.
22 10, 2019

How to Judge Baking Quality


You have a product, and it’s pretty great. But just how great is it? Or better yet, what is its quality? Defining the quality of baked goods can be difficult unless you’re using tests and benchmarks to quantify it. How can you do this? Baking tests such as gassing power, gas retention, mixing tolerance/stability, and water [...]

How to Judge Baking Quality2019-10-22T09:20:11-07:00
8 10, 2019

A Heat Stable Frosting That’s Label Friendly


There are plenty of decorative icings/frostings on the market, but it’s hard to find one that can stand up to the heat. However, here is an emulsifying dietary fiber that creates a heat stable frosting or icing, while enabling the integration of healthy vegetable oils instead of hard fats, at the same time! CAVAMAX® W6 [...]

A Heat Stable Frosting That’s Label Friendly2019-10-08T14:28:43-07:00
8 10, 2019

Don’t Get Sour About Sourdough!


Sourdough: one of the most popular and delicious of breads! For bakers: an art form. True, it’s one of the simplest formulas—pretty much four and water. However, the baker needs to masterfully control the ingredients and process to end up with a consistent, signature flavored bread. The chemistry of sourdough Inside sourdough, microorganisms feed on the flour to produce [...]

Don’t Get Sour About Sourdough!2019-10-08T10:00:28-07:00
26 09, 2019

How To Find and Bake With a DATEM Replacement


You want to make a clean-label product. But you also need reliable loaf volume, fine crumb structure and dough extensibility. You need a DATEM replacement. Thankfully, food scientists are making that an easier ask than it used to be. Replacements are on the market that can mimic the effects of DATEM, but are sourced from clean-label alternatives. [...]

How To Find and Bake With a DATEM Replacement2019-09-26T08:53:06-07:00
24 09, 2019

5 Reasons for Using Alkalized Cocoa


Yes, chocolate is delicious and functional just as it is. But there are some very specific reasons for creating alkalized cocoa. This technique has been around since the 19th century. Cocoa products are treated with a food grade alkali solution. This raises the pH, which has other results. What does alkalized cocoa do? Reduces the acidity of [...]

5 Reasons for Using Alkalized Cocoa2019-09-24T10:38:24-07:00
17 09, 2019

How to Make Clean Label Sweet with Cakes


The clean label trend is way past just the “healthy” foods. Customers want their indulgent treats to be natural as well. So how do you make a clean label cake with a simple label that isn’t going to let down people’s expectations? It starts with taking things out. Like all other clean label products, you’ll be removing [...]

How to Make Clean Label Sweet with Cakes2019-09-17T09:48:00-07:00
1 09, 2019

Cultured Wheat: The Natural Preservative


Cultured wheat really is great stuff. Here is a strong preservative that is natural, allowing you to have a solid shelf life without chemicals like sorbates or benzoates. Here’s why you should bake with cultured wheat: Texture-building Anti-staling Fights bacteria, yeast and molds Natural! How does preserve products? Wheat flour is fermented with P. freudenreichii, [...]

Cultured Wheat: The Natural Preservative2019-09-03T14:27:44-07:00
26 08, 2019

What’s the Oven Heat Flux?


If you’re troubleshooting your oven, there’s plenty to look at. However, did you know checking the heat flux can be the best non-intrusive indicator of how well your oven's preforming? What is heat flux? The definition is, “the amount of energy transferred per unit area per unit time from or to a surface.” Or more simply, [...]

What’s the Oven Heat Flux?2019-08-26T13:28:18-07:00