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As the Content and Operations Manager for BAKERpedia, Joanna follows and reports baking trends, new research and innovative technologies for the industry. With a degree in Journalism from the University of Oregon, she has experience with content writing, social media, and marketing strategies in the food industry. Now, she writes and produces blogs, podcasts and videos for BAKERpedia.
28 10, 2021

BAKED in Science EP59: Cut Carbs & Boost Fiber with Resistant Starch

Sponsored by MGP Ingredients If you’re not familiar with resistant starch, you should be! This power-house ingredient is a unique and interesting form of starch with many applications and benefits. It’s a type of dietary fiber that’s resistant to degradation and digestion. In baked goods, it boosts nutrition and adds functionality as well. In [...]

5 10, 2021

Holton Food Products

Our Company Since 1946, Holton Food Products has been helping its customers succeed by providing quality ingredients, customized product development and technical support—all fueled by strong food science and applications experience.  We specialize in texture and stability improvement in many types of baked goods and desserts. Our ingredient systems work in challenging applications where freeze-thaw [...]

17 09, 2021

Enzyme Innovation Enzyme Innovation is a research-driven manufacturer with expertise in the application of industrial enzymes and probiotics for baking. Learn more about our shelf-stable, pH-stable, and thermo-stable probiotic SEB LBSC (Bacillus coagulans), and the difference it will make in your beverages, cereals and baked goods! Partner with us for quality products and devoted service, [...]

25 08, 2021


In bakery, every ingredient matters. That’s why Cargill has built an unmatched portfolio of bakery ingredients and services. From functional ingredients like vital wheat gluten, to sweeteners, we can help you put our ingredients to work with fresh ideas that save you time and money. From product development to applications to regulatory, let our [...]


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