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As the Content and Operations Manager for BAKERpedia, Joanna follows baking trends, new research and innovative technologies for the industry. She has degree in Journalism from the University of Oregon, and has experience with content writing, social media, web design and marketing strategies in the food industry.
18 09, 2019

BAKED in Science S2E39: Cancer Causing Baking Ingredients


Do we need to be concerned with the ingredients we’re eating and baking with? You may be familiar with the concern over the use of ADA (Azodicarbonamide) in bread. Although the additive is banned in some places, such as the EU, it can be used in the US. Dr. Lin Carson talks with Kristine Sherred [...]

BAKED in Science S2E39: Cancer Causing Baking Ingredients2019-09-18T13:35:45-07:00
3 09, 2019

BAKED in Science S2E38: Sustainability Practices Affecting the Baking Industry


Finding creative and practical ways to be sustainable is key for the baking industry. From the ingredients we use, and where they come from, we’re finding better ways to bake with the future in mind. Because being sustainable isn’t just what your business does, but the entire baking ecosystem! There are a lot of companies [...]

BAKED in Science S2E38: Sustainability Practices Affecting the Baking Industry2019-09-03T13:35:58-07:00
22 08, 2019

BAKED in Science S2E37: More Innovations at IFT 2019


 There was just too much happening on the IFT trade show this year to limit it to one episode! The annual event has always been a place for finding new innovation and ingredients, and 2019 was no different. In this episode, Dr. Lin talks about oat fibers and hydrocolloids, vegan cheese, and sugar replacements. [...]

BAKED in Science S2E37: More Innovations at IFT 20192019-08-22T11:33:40-07:00
19 08, 2019

TOP-Taste B.V.

2019-08-19T13:39:13-07:00 TOP-Taste B.V., a family-run business, has been growing onions for decades. A company built on a dedication and passion for only the best onions, we provide a high quality, crunchy, crispy product that adds an innovative flavor to a variety of products. Located in the Netherlands, TOP-Taste grows all our own onions from the [...]

TOP-Taste B.V.2019-08-19T13:39:13-07:00
19 08, 2019


2019-08-19T09:45:20-07:00 Founded in 1964, MECATHERM is a French industrial company and leader in the industrial baking sector. The company has three production sites in France, worldwide sales offices in Mexico and Malaysia, plus a U.S. subsidiary in Atlanta, Georgia to better serve North American customers. The company, headed by its President Olivier Sergent, employs more [...]

19 08, 2019


2019-08-19T09:03:17-07:00 Since 1952, Electro-Steam has provided our partners with the highest quality electric-fired miniature boilers in the USA. If your requirements can’t be met with one of our standard solutions, we can build custom steam generators or mini-boilers to meet your specification. We’ve provided companies around the world with safe, efficient, easy-to-use electric steam generators [...]

30 07, 2019

BAKED in Science S2E36: Innovations at IFT 2019


The IFT annual event is a place bustling with new technologies, interesting ingredients, and hundreds of other things to spark the interests of the food industry. There’s plenty to explore, so in case you didn’t get to see everything, here are a few of our favorite innovations from the show. Dr. Lin learns about new [...]

BAKED in Science S2E36: Innovations at IFT 20192019-07-30T09:47:27-07:00
16 07, 2019

BAKED in Science S2E35: Baking with Ancient Grains


Ancient and heirloom grains are popping up everywhere. While there is plenty of variety and benefits, which ones are hot in the baking industry right now? And what can they offer to products and labels? On this episode I talk with two experts in the field of ancient grains to learn more about this trend. [...]

BAKED in Science S2E35: Baking with Ancient Grains2019-07-16T09:54:21-07:00
8 07, 2019


2019-08-13T13:36:08-07:00 Improve your Baking business Looking for ways to add freshness to extend the shelf life of your baked goods? Reduce food waste? Would you like to achieve more consistent baking results – despite changes in flour quality? Want ways to improve dough stability and machinability? Make your production more efficient and sustainable? Novozymes’ [...]

2 07, 2019

BAKED in Science Ep 34: What in the World is the Chorleywood Baking Process?


 If you live in the U.S., or anywhere else that’s not the U.K. you may not be very familiar with the Chorleywood baking process for bread. And no, it’s not just another name for no-time dough. It is a whole other process, that has some very intriguing points and uses. To get a birds-eye [...]

BAKED in Science Ep 34: What in the World is the Chorleywood Baking Process?2019-07-02T09:42:52-07:00