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Research on Cinnamaldehyde Antimicrobial Films Proposed for Packaging

Cinnamaldehyde is derived from the bark of cinnamon tress and other species of the genus Cinnamomum. It is the main component of the cinnamon smell ...
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Salt (Sodium chloride)

Salt is a crystalline compound consisting of sodium and chloride ions. Its functionality includes 1) Flavor: Bread without salt will be flat and ...
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Dry Yeast (Instant or Active)

The dried form of yeast, used as a natural leavener, due to its ability to produce carbon dioxide from carbohydrate fermentation.
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Biscuits date back to Ancient roman times. American biscuits are small quick bread rounds that are baked and can often be found either cakey and ...
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Eng Muf

English Muffin

English muffins are griddle cakes that were first eaten by the English Servants during the Victorian Era. They are not to be confused with American ...
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Pumpernickel is a bread that originated from the Westphalia region of Germany. This bread is traditionally made of only course ground rye flour. ...
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