1209, 2017

What? A Non-enzyme Based DATEM Replacement?

I’ve been asking around for some time now for a solution to replace emulsifiers like SSL and DATEM. Most clean label solutions involve enzymes, and this is currently the perfect answer. But my radar tells me that enzymes may lose their appeal in a few years. Why, you may ask? It’s because there’s huge pushback [...]

1302, 2018

Egg Replacers are a Real Solution

The egg shortage is no yoke! (yoke, joke, see what I did there?). The avian flu is decreasing the supply of eggs and increasing prices. If you’re looking for a solution, egg replacers should be at the top of your list! Why egg replacers? In our current situation, the main reason may be cost. Egg substitutes can [...]

602, 2018

Why Networking, Education, and Baking Tech Matter

Every year, there’s an endless chain of events and conferences for the baking industry. And every year, I’m reminded how impactful and unique Baking Tech is. It really is the best week in baking! Put on by the American Society of Baking (ASB), Baking Tech gives the chance to talk shop with peers and experts, [...]

3001, 2018

No Preservatives Added: Cultured Wheat as a Clean Label Mold Inhibitor

While simply adding terms like "organic" and "non-GMO" would seem to serve as a solution to satisfy the masses, the internet has opened up every opportunity for anyone to figure out exactly what is in their food. Achieving a completely “Clean Label” is what companies are striving for and it is up to the ingredients manufacturers to [...]

2901, 2018

Baking with Insoluble Fiber

Fiber in baked goods… it’s an interesting dilemma. Insoluble fiber is a bulking agent with health benefits and zero calories. It’s also woven into the key ingredients of bread: whole grains and wheat bran. Insoluble fiber is also found in a variety of foods, including: fruits nuts and seeds vegetables wheat bran whole grain foods What’s the problem [...]

2501, 2018

Seven Ways to Increase Your Baking Skills

There’s always something new to learn; another skill to add to your repertoire. Sometimes it helps to have a hands-on, personal education. That’s why I launched The Academy—one day courses that give you the practical, technical insight you need, in a way that fits into your schedule. There’s a great lineup of courses so far [...]

2201, 2018

Sustainable Chocolate in the Baking Industry

As bakers and food producers, it’s important to know what’s going on in the world around us. Especially when it’s about the state and future of our ingredients. In the late 1990s, some of the stakeholders in the cocoa industry realized crops were at risk due to pests, disease and the fragile tropical ecosystem. They realized that for a [...]

1601, 2018

Fight Cardiovascular Disease with Whole Grains

Getting a lot of push back on carbs and whole grains? Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death for men and women.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 4 deaths in the US are due to CVD.1 The disease affects  heart and blood vessel function. Plaque builds up in the [...]

1501, 2018

5 Solutions for Gluten-free Pizza

Of all the gluten-free bread products out there, pizza dough is one of the most challenging for bakers. Why? Because a successful pizza dough is all about its extensibility and cohesiveness—both attributes of a strong gluten matrix. Gluten-free flours just don’t offer the same structure-building proteins. What’s the solution? Like other successful gluten-free products, it’s all about [...]

801, 2018

Fine Tune Your Kill Step

The kill step. Sounds pretty intense….and it is. It’s the absolutely necessary point when harmful pathogens, like Salmonella spp., are eliminated. And it has to be absolutely effective to ensure baked goods are safe to eat, plus have a proper shelf life. And now you need to document it The first deadline has passed for larger bakeries to [...]

201, 2018

We Owe a lot to You

Here's how much: It's been a phenomenal year for BAKERpedia. Since we started this journey over three years ago, we've been doing everything we can to get you the baking answers you're searching for, and the ones you didn't know you had yet! As these stats show, we're off to a good start! We have [...]