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1701, 2019

The Power of Food Safety Software for Quality and Safety

The emphasis on food safety has never been higher. It’s a good thing food safety software is making a powerful difference. Thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever to track crucial development stages and log information. Plus, the detailed knowledge is improving the quality of final products. Within the last few years, the food industry [...]

1601, 2019

3 Insights into the Future of the Baking Industry

What do the next few years hold for food innovation and the baking industry? No matter your job title, you should care about the answer. Understanding the future of food—consumer habits, trends, up and coming ingredients and processes—is how you can prepare for and excel at it. That’s why the programming for BakingTech 2019 is [...]

1501, 2019

Why Should You Replace Eggs in Baking?

Well, for quite a few reasons, actually. Reasons to replace eggs include: Economics: considerable fluctuations in global egg supply and pricing Health concerns: cholesterol content, avian influenza outbreaks, etc. Lifestyle: vegan/vegetarian diets Shelf-life and handling: egg products have a limited shelf-life and can lead to HACCP issues Allergen: egg is considered a top allergen in the U.S., creating a challenge [...]

701, 2019

Make Baking Easier with Pre-gelatinized Rice Flour

When do you use pre-gelatinized rice flour? In baking formulas, it is helps with: Viscosity control Texture control Thickening Bulking One super useful application for this ingredient? Gluten-free baking! Rice flour is naturally without gluten, and gluten-free products need a thickening agent to make up for the lack of gluten proteins. What makes it difference than just [...]

3112, 2018

Problems with Product Consistency? Check the Heat Flux

You’re trying to produce the same product on two different lines, or transfer a product to a new line. You stick to the same process and formula. But when you take it out of the oven, something is…off. It could be the hardness, chewiness, gumminess, color, but it’s not right. Like most consistency issues, the answer [...]

1112, 2018

Selecting the Right Organic or Non-GMO Lecithin

These days it’s not so much a question of if you’ll use an organic or non-GMO emulsifier, but which one. With organic lecithin now more commercially available, the European Union is requiring that all lecithin used in organic foods must be organic starting in 2019, and the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) has been requiring [...]