1311, 2018

Baguette: An Old-world Bread in a Fast-paced World

A baguette is a great example of how a specific technique and formula can make a unique and tasty bread. It falls into the ever-popular artisan bread category, which means it isn't the easiest to make in bulk or on high speed lines. If you want to knock your baguettes out of the park, here are a few tips [...]

511, 2018

The Science Behind Cultured Wheat

Let's dive into the science of cultured wheat for a minute. Thanks to fermentation, an ordinary wheat takes on extraordinary powers, becoming a natural mold inhibitor and shelf life extender! So here are three ways science makes this form of wheat awesome: 1. Fermentation Cultured wheat is flour that’s been fermented with Propionibacterium freudenreichii, usually found in cheese and milk production. It [...]

111, 2018

Clean Label Solutions for SSL

To be successful at clean label baking, it’s not just about what you take out, it’s also what you put in. Customers are looking for labels that have short ingredient lists and are easy to understand. So ingredients like DATEM, ADA, and SSL are out. This means you’ll need high quality replacements so consumers can [...]

3010, 2018

How to Test Dough Extensibility and Why You Need To

Dough extensibility is the strength in the dough and a contributor to the consistency and quality of a final baked good. However, it’s not just enough to know what is. Extensibility is half of a delicate balancing act in dough that begins during mixing. When the gluten matrix is activated, it creates both extensible and [...]

2910, 2018

3 Ways to Control Oven Humidity

While your products are busy baking in the oven, they need available moisture, or humidity in the air. Without it, heat isn’t transferred to the product so starch gelatinization and other reactions can't take place, and moisture migration can't happen properly. Factors that influence it are: Oven Load: Humidity inside the oven increases as more products enter the baking [...]

2210, 2018

Is the Sponge and Dough Method Worth It?

Wondering why so many bakers are going with the sponge and dough method? It's a two stage bread making process that involves bulk fermentation. In a fast-paced world of high speed production, it seems out of place. The sponge and dough method takes up a lot of space, the labor costs are high, processing time is long, and it’s [...]

1610, 2018

Modified Wheat Starch: The Gluten-free Source of Fiber

Gluten is a complex term these days. Consumers are asking for it to be removed from baked goods, while bakers struggle to find replacements and substitutes for ingredients. Modified wheat starch is one ingredient that is used as an excellent dietary fiber source in many bakery products. And despite the name, it doesn’t have to [...]

810, 2018

Baking with Ancient Grains: Khorasan Wheat

Ancient grains have been around a while, but recently they have found their way to the spotlight. While a lot of uses are more home based, they offer some interesting benefits for bakers, as well. Look at khorasan wheat, for example. Compared to modern wheat, it contains 20-40% more protein and is higher in: Lipids Amino acids [...]

510, 2018

How To Build a Stronger Baking Industry Together

Four years ago, finding reliable, free information for commercial baking industry questions was a lot harder. And now, one solution is being recognized internationally for its easy access and scientifically-sound information. Yes, I’m talking about BAKERpedia. Over the last few years we’ve seen incredible growth—in content and site users. However, I believe our success is [...]

110, 2018

6 Ways to Slow Staling in Baked Goods

Someday, your products will go stale. Recrystallization of the starch molecules, gluten cross-links and moisture re-distribution are the main causes. Thankfully, there are ways to at least keep this process at bay! How to slow staling with ingredients  Enzymes: alpha amylase, pullulanase, lipase, lipoxygenase, protease and other non-starch polysaccharide-modifying enzymes help decrease staling. Surface Active Lipids:  DATEM, SSL, lecithin [...]