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Dr. Lin Carson’s love affair with baking started over 25 years ago when she earned her BSc degree in Food Science & Technology at the Ohio State University. She went on to earn her MSc then PhD from the Department of Grain Science at Kansas State University. Seeing that technical information was not freely shared in the baking industry, Dr. Carson decided to launch BAKERpedia to cover this gap. Today, as the world’s only FREE and comprehensive online technical resource for the commercial baking industry, BAKERpedia is used by over half a million commercial bakers, ingredient sellers, equipment suppliers and baking entrepreneurs annually. You can catch Dr. Carson regularly on the BAKED In Science podcast solving baking problems or talking about her obsession with bread on the Pitching a Loaf podcast.
12 02, 2019

What’s the Big Deal with the Kill Step Calculator?


You know the importance of the kill step. It’s the point during baking when harmful pathogens likeSalmonella spp. are eliminated. Although it’s always been crucial from a food safety stand point, there’s another layer. Now that FSMA has been rolled out, the kill step must be logged and documented in order for you to be in compliance. [...]

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5 02, 2019

What if There was No More Chocolate?!


Over 20 years ago, stakeholders in the cocoa industry got together to discuss the future of cocoa, and the sustainable cocoa sector was born to provide stability and benefits to the entire industry. What makes chocolate sustainable? Ecology/environmental protection: Implementing agricultural tools that reduce deforestation, end the use of toxic chemicals and prevent soil erosion. People/society: Farmers receive [...]

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30 01, 2019

Catch Foodborne Illness with a Scan at the Start


The dangers of foodborne illness in the food industry are real. One virus or bacteria can spark a recall, endanger customers, hurt your brand and cost you greatly. While proper hygiene and cleaning is important with every aspect of food production, it starts with employees. In fact, almost half of the time, the bacteria is [...]

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21 01, 2019

Bulk Up Your Baking with Insoluble Fiber


Insoluble fiber falls under the dietary fiber heading, and offers a big health punch to products. It helps with digestion, reduces serum lipid levels and adds no calories! With the FDA defining more of what can be labeled as "dietary fiber," there are more options to bake with insoluble fiber and find ways to incorporate [...]

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15 01, 2019

Why Should You Replace Eggs in Baking?


Well, for quite a few reasons, actually. Reasons to replace eggs include: Economics: considerable fluctuations in global egg supply and pricing Health concerns: cholesterol content, avian influenza outbreaks, etc. Lifestyle: vegan/vegetarian diets Shelf-life and handling: egg products have a limited shelf-life and can lead to HACCP issues Allergen: egg is considered a top allergen in the U.S., creating a challenge [...]

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7 01, 2019

Make Baking Easier with Pre-gelatinized Rice Flour


When do you use pre-gelatinized rice flour? In baking formulas, it is helps with: Viscosity control Texture control Thickening Bulking One super useful application for this ingredient? Gluten-free baking! Rice flour is naturally without gluten, and gluten-free products need a thickening agent to make up for the lack of gluten proteins. What makes it difference than just [...]

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31 12, 2018

Problems with Product Consistency? Check the Heat Flux


You’re trying to produce the same product on two different lines, or transfer a product to a new line. You stick to the same process and formula. But when you take it out of the oven, something is…off. It could be the hardness, chewiness, gumminess, color, but it’s not right. Like most consistency issues, the answer [...]

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24 12, 2018

Fermentation: A Clean Label Solution


When you allow fermentation to take place in dough, you give the gluten adequate hydration and relaxation. In addition, it gives time for enzymes and yeast to work, which results in amazing taste, texture, volume, color and aroma. What makes these changes more relevant today? These things happen naturally, taking the place of dough conditioners and such, [...]

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17 12, 2018

Exploring the Sourdough Library


This year, I had the amazing privilege of exploring the Sourdough Library. It really is an incredible place! As you may know, sourdough starters are going to differ in microbiology, depending on the culture used. And depending on the culture, the final taste and aroma will change. So the sourdough library is a place to collect [...]

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10 12, 2018

Start eLearning with BAKERpedia!


That's right, now you can become an even better baker by taking classes online! BAKERpedia has teamed up with AIB International to help commercial and retail bakers through online eLearning training. AIB International’s Baking Specialist Online Collection is now available through BAKERpedia’s Digital Academy. The industry is in need of more skilled employees. It needs access to professional [...]

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