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About Lin Carson, PhD

Dr. Lin Carson’s love affair with baking started over 25 years ago when she earned her BSc degree in Food Science & Technology at the Ohio State University. She went on to earn her MSc then PhD from the Department of Grain Science at Kansas State University. Seeing that technical information was not freely shared in the baking industry, Dr. Carson decided to launch BAKERpedia to cover this gap. Today, as the world’s only FREE and comprehensive online technical resource for the commercial baking industry, BAKERpedia is used by over half a million commercial bakers, ingredient sellers, equipment suppliers and baking entrepreneurs annually. You can catch Dr. Carson regularly on the BAKED In Science podcast solving baking problems or talking about her obsession with bread on the Pitching a Loaf podcast.
10 12, 2018

Start eLearning with BAKERpedia!


That's right, now you can become an even better baker by taking classes online! BAKERpedia has teamed up with AIB International to help commercial and retail bakers through online eLearning training. AIB International’s Baking Specialist Online Collection is now available through BAKERpedia’s Digital Academy. The industry is in need of more skilled employees. It needs access to professional [...]

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3 12, 2018

People Just Can’t Get Enough Tortillas!


Can we just appreciate tortillas for second? They're delicious. They go with almost anything. The corn versions are naturally gluten-free. It's no wonder they are an ever-growing sector of the baking industry and a staple in many households. In fact, the global tortilla market is projected to reach $48.51 billion at a CAGR of 5.10% by 2023. For bakers, corn and flour [...]

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28 11, 2018

Could This Ingredient Make People Eat Bread Again?


Bakers now have an easier way into the growing market of low-FODMAP baking, with a natural way to lower fructan levels in bread products. Baked goods that promote gut well-being are becoming more and more popular. And while gluten-free foods may be getting most of the spotlight, low-FODMAP food is making a name for itself [...]

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26 11, 2018

Key Oven Baking Parameters to Track


Why should you fine-tune your oven? Because that means you're fine tuning your product. Texture, moisture, volume, color and shelf life are all tied to how your product bakes in the oven. To fully optimize your product and process, there are parameters to monitor and control: Four Oven Baking Parameters Temperature: The most understood and [...]

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19 11, 2018

Got Mold Issues? Try Sorbic Acid!


When it comes to food preservatives there is no shortage of options. You’ll need to pick one that’s right for your product and process. One great option for mold issues: sorbic acid! What’s good about it? It does not create carcinogenic byproducts, as some preservatives such as nitrates do. It has no noticeable taste or odor [...]

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13 11, 2018

Baguette: An Old-world Bread in a Fast-paced World


A baguette is a great example of how a specific technique and formula can make a unique and tasty bread. It falls into the ever-popular artisan bread category, which means it isn't the easiest to make in bulk or on high speed lines. If you want to knock your baguettes out of the park, here are a few tips [...]

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5 11, 2018

The Science Behind Cultured Wheat


Let's dive into the science of cultured wheat for a minute. Thanks to fermentation, an ordinary wheat takes on extraordinary powers, becoming a natural mold inhibitor and shelf life extender! So here are three ways science makes this form of wheat awesome: 1. Fermentation Cultured wheat is flour that’s been fermented with Propionibacterium freudenreichii, usually found in cheese and milk production. It [...]

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29 10, 2018

3 Ways to Control Oven Humidity


While your products are busy baking in the oven, they need available moisture, or humidity in the air. Without it, heat isn’t transferred to the product so starch gelatinization and other reactions can't take place, and moisture migration can't happen properly. Factors that influence it are: Oven Load: Humidity inside the oven increases as more products enter the baking [...]

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22 10, 2018

Is the Sponge and Dough Method Worth It?


Wondering why so many bakers are going with the sponge and dough method? It's a two stage bread making process that involves bulk fermentation. In a fast-paced world of high speed production, it seems out of place. The sponge and dough method takes up a lot of space, the labor costs are high, processing time is long, and it’s [...]

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9 10, 2018

What? A Non-enzyme Based DATEM Replacement?


  I’ve been asking around for some time now for a solution to replace emulsifiers like SSL and DATEM. Most clean label solutions involve enzymes, and this is currently the perfect answer. But my radar tells me that enzymes may lose their appeal in a few years. Why, you may ask? It’s because there’s some [...]

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