VMI is a leader in the design and manufacturing of kneaders and mixers.

Mixing solutions for the bakery and snacking industry

VMI is a leader in the design and manufacturing of kneaders and mixers. From traditional bakery equipment, to automated production systems for the food industry through kneading solutions with removable bowls for plant bakers, VMI offers solutions for each process.

Continuous mixing process

VMI’s continuous mixing solution allows professionals in the baking industry to master the fundamentals of kneading and guarantee consistent quality on a large scale (500 kg to 8,000 kg per hr) for a wide range of products: traditional bread with or without sourdough, sandwich bread, buns, pizza, Viennese pastry, puff pastry…

With over 300 continuous mixers installed throughout the world, VMI’s design was developed specifically for the most demanding type of production: patented pre-mixers to homogenize ingredients, optimal design tools and bowls adapted to different types of dough, high-performance process steering, from dosage to kneading.

Batch mixing process

VMI provides batch vertical mixers with removable bowls, for production runs of 300 – 750 kg of dough. The high-level of performance guarantees a consistent production run. Its wide range of tools allows for all types of recipes: ciabatta bread, cookies, doughnuts, cheesecake, viennese pastry, unleavened, fermented or gluten-free, germinated seed-based mix or vegetal proteins.

Global support in optimizing mixing processes and equipment

A French brand known and renowned throughout the world, VMI is present in America through its VMI North America subsidiary, operating from Kansas City. VMI North America provides local support and after-sale services to its North American customers.

VMI is equipped with advanced analysis tools, and it Process Development Center performs trials for its customers. Its team of technologists supports bakery industries in the optimization of their processes, either by testing at VMI, by field trials or by training sessions.

VMI has more than 300 continuous kneaders and 400 automated kneading systems installed around the world. Its offer includes many services: training, support for process optimization, commissioning of installations, preventive maintenance or technical assistance.

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