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The Tortilla Industry Association (TIA) serves and represents the fastest growing segment of the baking industry. A non-profit consisting of tortilla manufacturers, industry suppliers and distributors around the world, they assist large and small companies with:

  • Accelerated and cost-effective access to the key players in the tortilla market
  • Staying informed and ahead of regulations
  • Quality control, formulation and distribution best practices
  • Educational support through technical seminars, conventions and market research


Sales of tortillas are exceeding all other ethnic and specialty bread sales, including bagels, croissants, muffins and pita bread. TIA promotes the consumption of this traditional Mexican bread, including alternative uses of tortillas, such wraps, gluten-free, kosher and other non-traditional formulations that have seen the greatest growth.

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As a member of the TIA, your organization will stay a head of the game.

  • Staying up-to-date on the latest industry information, market research, technical research and government regulations that affect your company
  • Establishing business connections that help you grow your company
  • Providing you with added promotional opportunities through greater exposure, visibility and the TIA online presence
  • TIA offers you the ability to expand your reach, your resources and your business success

Additional benefits include:

  1. Advertising in TIA directory/buyers guide
  2. Link and exposure from our website
  3. Big discounts for exhibiting or attending the TIA Annual Convention
  4. Reduced costs for attending or exhibiting at TIA Tech Conference
  5. Reduced costs when attending AIB conferences and seminars
  6. Research and marketing information


TIA has an Annual convention, a Technical Conference and a European Conference – see  other events and seminars throughout the year.

Contact us

Jim Kabbani
CEO | Tortilla Industry Association
1400 North 14th Street Arlington VA 22209 USA
Phone: 1-800-944-6099 ext 1
Email: [email protected]