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      Hello!! Can someone explain it to me & what does that mean when applied to Pita Bread? From my understanding tight crump structure means that, the bread doesn’t tear when folded, and has better workability, am I correct? Thx!

    • Lin Carson, PhD
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      It usually doesn’t apply to pita bread, because pita bread has large holes in it.  If you show your tortilla picture here, it may help. However, I do think it means your pita bread doesn’t show the porosity (large holes) of regular pita bread.

    • Profile PhotoMark Floerke
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      Tight and even often in that combination, typically applies to sliced bread.  When the cell structure is very small and evenly distributed.  Inversely coarse and irregular.  Larger cell structures generally have thicker cell walls and often are not distributed through the slice as evenly.  Of course this is somewhat formula dependent, and in quality assurance evaluation of flour streams, can be an indicator of the baking quality of the protein in the wheat flour.

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