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      Hi Everyone,
      I would like to take a moment to thank you for registering and getting involved in this community. BAKERpedia is a Shared Knowledge site that is freely available to everyone. I created this resource and officially launched it back in 2014. I believed that there needed to be a place where we can share science based information on commercial baking. What started as a 200+ pages resource has grown into over 1000 pages, and with users from all around the world. Thanks to our Sponsors, who advertise on our site, we are able to keep this resource growing, and this membership, free. I usually answer questions on Tuesday’s Ten at Ten on social media. It was manageable at first, but as I kept doing this, more questions kept coming in. To keep up with this influx, I’ve decided to create this forum for you to ask your questions. It would help to provide a community to support you and help you advance in all aspects of the baking industry. I will let Mark Florke lay down the ground rules here, but its pretty much based on mutual respect and being professional. I look forward to your participation in the forum. Remember, as much as we are here for you, you should do your best to be here for the others when they need you too. “Give more than you take, that’s how you win” – Gary Vaynerchuk

      Dr. Lin
      CEO | BAKERpedia

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