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      Dear Dr Lin Carson & Team,
      I am looking info on water rox (Tangzhong) but couldn’t found on anywhere so thought that may interaction with you can help.
      1.    Is water rox system beneficial as claimed (softness & freshness for longer time)??
      2.    What is the standard procedure of making Water rox?
      3.    Standard recipe when using water rox? (water and flour balance, specially minimum and maximum quantity of rox to make bread?)
      4.    Other means of getting soft and fresh bread (at list 7 days softness)?

    • Lin Carson, PhD
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      @moreish-foods-ltd, 1. Yes. Though not scientifically proven 2. There are two major thoughts: the Tang Zhong and the Yu-dane. Both are at different proportions of water /flour ratios, but uses the same theory of starch gelatinization to get that softness. 3. Google it, you’ll find plenty of recipes 4. Reduce your bake out, increase fat and sugar, and enzymes. Good Luck


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