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      Hello everyone
      my question for you…
      Recently i had long and Ongoing studies about the Models of “predicting aW of the Cake’. well.. Finally I succeeded to do this by find Absorption isotherm of each individual ingredients participating in the cake Recipe and calculated the final aW.
      but im not sure if these aW value is correct or NOT??
      at the same time i treid to do my calculations based on SE Model, but im missing the SE value of some ingredients.

      what is your suggestion? do you know better method?


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      Hello @faran!

      This makes for an interesting discussion.  We are unsure what you are referencing with SE as acronyms can have different meanings in different context.

      If you have a lot of data collected, there may be possibilities of calculating predictions and using Near Infrared (NIR).  You could possibly develop this in to patentable technology that larger producers may be willing to invest in for the predictability before producing.

      Most product development labs and bakeries use relatively inexpensive instruments, such as those from Aqualab, to measure and monitor aW.

      I am not aware of any other established prediction methods.  this is a very interesting subject!

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