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      <i>Hi. </i>I own a small bakery in Kenya that sells packaged fried yeast products. I use Capro for preservation. I am struggling with green surface mold in my products when packaged.

      I have learnt a lot here on how to eliminate this problem. I believe our premise is a contributor to the mold. I have bought potassium sorbet in crystal format. I am thinking of treating our packaging with it. Is there material on how to use it as a spray?

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      Hi Louisa

      its not clear for me when you are saying “is there material on how to use it as a spray?” !!!

      why you dont use a Ultraviolet light instead of chemical treatment by potassium sorbate?

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      @lkadzo – It may be better to spray a light mist on to the product before it cools.  This will allow the warmth from the product to help evaporate the excess moisture in the spray quickly.  Spraying the packaging may be an option, but it will need time to dry before wrapping the product.
      @faran – UV is a great idea, but cost wise may not be feasible for a smaller type of operation.

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