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      Hi Dr. Lin/Mark and team:

      I searched by bakerpedia, but I dind´t find any information about my topic. These are my questions:

      <span lang="en">1) Does the water roux help soften?
      2) Can I prepare the thangzhong with milk only instead of water?
      3) Is it mandatory to reach 65 ° C?
      4) If it reaches 65 ° C, it may be of a more watery or solid consistency, depending on the protein content of the flour you use?
      5) Can it be applied to breads highly enriched with fat, sugar and eggs such as a Brioche or is it better to use it in enriched breads such as white bread that has little sugar and little fat?
      6) If the thangzhong initially consists of 5 parts of water per part of flour, and there is evaporation after cooking, how should I reformulate the amount of hydration in the recipe of my dough?
      Thanks in advance for your reply.</span>
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