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      I would like to know if there are few simple guidelines to follow when I’m going really high with the hydration let’s say above 80%.

      I’m working with high protein 13,3% flour, and long bulk fermentation times at about 7 to 8 hours.

      We’re talking handcrafted bread here, but I’m more interested in the mechanics of developing really strong dough with the best possible elasticity / extensibility properties.

      The way it’s acheived these days is to often do a long autolyse with the flour and water, thus unravelling/hydrate the gluten chains. Then during the whole bulk window regularly strengthen the dough by stretching/folding.

      I’ve experimented quite a bit and saw different results – let’s say the kneading, I tried to knead to full gluten development at the very beginning of bulk fermentation, right after adding the levain. And it did perform well.

      So if  someone can help me demystify the whole kned/vs minimum kneading, that would be great.

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