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      We received a question on support email related to the Sour Dough video by Dr. Lin.
      Please share your thoughts and experiences.

      Hi, I would like to start using the sour in my doughs. Would I be able to start using my same formulas taking out the yeast , flour and water? I would start taking out the amounts you stated in the Video. Thank you

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      I would certainly modify the formulas, according to the product you want to obtain, sour dough/mother dough is not simply substituting commercial yeast/dry yeast, it changes the process and the product itself, so yes, in my experience, I would definitely adjust formulas.

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      Agree with Emanuele. Best to do your benchwork first to identify formulations for the flavor profiles you are seeking. Expect changes to your process as proof time will extend and could likely become your process bottleneck if you lack additional proof box capacity.

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