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      Does salt help in crust color development in bread? How much added sugar does yeast use for fermentation and how much contribute to caramelization and millard reaction?

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      Sorry to keep you waiting so long for a response @tahirkhan.

      Both sugar and salt perform multiple functions, and also can produce different interactions, depending quantity and other ingredients in the system.

      There is no hard and fast rule as to how much of the sugar the yeast consumes.  The yeast will consume what it needs to ferment from readily available sources.  It depends how much yeast there is, how much gas you need to produce for leavening, as well as the amount of water and the temperature.  Having said all of this, generally very little of the total sugar is consumed by the yeast, for nutritional data purposes.  The relative amounts of sugar and or salt can produce osmotic pressure that inhibits fermentation.
      Caramelization type of browning occurs on the crust surface.  Much of this is the Maillard reaction of protein browning in combination with caramelization.  Again, very little of the sugar or salt contributes to this, although it certainly does.


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