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      Hello All,

      Currently, I am facing an issue where my frozen pizza crust is too chewy and dry. In fact, once it is out of the oven it is ok, but the rate at which it dries and becomes way too chewy is super fast (starts 5-10 mins after baking is complete).

      I am using olive oil as a topping for my frozen pizza. The crust is not thick or too thin…about a 1/4 – 1/2 inch.

      The process involves inputting 2-3 tbsp olive oil on the pizza after parbaking it (450 F / 5 min). Thereafter, the pizza is frozen. Later on, it is baked for 10 minutes / 400 F middle rack.

      The result…it is ok in the first ~10 minutes but thereafter it is way too chewy and dry. Other pizzas don’t get as dry at that rate or to that level…what is the olive oil doing as a topping for this to happen? (remember no red pizza sauce, just olive oil).

      *To exclude dough ingredients issues, the crust is always great if I use red sauce on frozen pizza or make a fresh pizza with either toppings (red sauce or olive oil).

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