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      Hello my name is Teal, and I am looking to start up my product for commercial sale but am stuck on my enzymes and which one to go for and where to find a reasonable MOQ that won’t break my budget. I hope I can find some answers on here there looks like a lot of great knowledge here already.

      Hope everyone is well and look forward to learning about enzymes.

      Teal x

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      Hello @tealcadzow,

      You can find more information about different enzymes and their functionality on this page:

      As to sources for smaller usage quantities, you might want to ask the enzyme producer which ingredient distributors they work with.  Corbion for example may have what you need in a smaller quantity, or can direct you to a distributor who sells their ingredients.  I use UL Prospector often to search for suppliers of certain ingredients. http://www.ulprospector.com

      Please do let us know how you make out!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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