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      Hello, my name is Carel van Driel.
      I am the 3rd generation of Driel bakers.
      Together with my wife we have had a beautiful little bakery of our own in Dordrecht.
      After some health problems (heart attack) we stopped our bakery, and I started working for Tromp bakery equipment.
      I did a lot of research and development there. I also took care of sales demonstrations, and went to the customers if there were problems that the technicians could not resolve.
      My specialty was the Unimac depositor.
      After I stopped there, I made a career switch again.
      We bought a large ship together and started a shelter for autistic people there.
      We had to stop doing this again last year, due to cutbacks and regulations.
      Now we have a B&B de Logeerboot, and we give bakery workshops in our own small bakery.
      And I would like it if I could help the baker with their problems again.
      This is my story in short.

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      Hello @supercarolus2!  Welcome to the BAKERpedia BAKERforum!

      We are glad to have your experience and advice to share with us.  Welcome!!  Mark

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