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      Hello Community! We have a question from Facebook for the community. Please help provide some input.
      Facebook: I would like to ask a question. Please could I find out what is the advantage of placing cookies nearer to each other during baking? I have heard of people writing and saying that when baking cookies, they should be spaced not too near to prevent merging since cookies spread. However, if they are placed too far apart, is there a disadvantage? If we placed them nearer together will that help to retain more flavor or bake faster?
      Hope to hear your reply!

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      The closer you put the cookies together, the more even the color will be. With more space in between the biscuit gets more color on the outside. sometimes you want an even color and sometimes you don’t.
      You want as many cookies as possible on a baking tray for efficiency.
      In general, cookies should not color too much during baking or they will no longer taste good.

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