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      Hi Dr Lin,

      I am looking at how to objectively evaluate and analyse the crumb of my baked breads. Especially in doing development work, we wish to know how changing an ingredient or its dosage will affect the structure of the crumb.
      I understand that there is an instrument related to that – C-Cell Imaging.

      However, that machine itself does give many different parameters like Area Slice, Number of Cells, Non Uniformity, Cell volume, Cell Volume Map, Cell Elongation, etc.
      Which of these are ones that are of most importance for industrial bread manufacturers and of their interest to look at and report? And how can I interpret and make sense of them?
      Could I also ask you to provide some recommended ranges for them? E.g. Are longer cells better? Won’t all larger slices give you more cells?

      With respect to Bread crumb, how open is considered an open crumb? How closed can a crumb be called closed?
      Would an open crumb be the same as a coarse crumb? Would a fine crumb be the same as a closed crumb?
      What about the terms fine-grained and coarse grain; as well as porous vs dense?

      Thank you!

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