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      when baking baguettes in home oven my baguettes scored doesnt open. Score slightly opens in first minute and than bakes as same hard skin as the rest of the surface intead of further opening.

      What could be the reason?

      I’m using 00 5 stagioni Manitoba flour. Hydration 65-70%. 250C degrees and no fan. Some hot water in the baking tray on the oven bottom for steam.

      Is it possible that overmixing is the reason? How to recognize overmix?

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      Do you mind sharing a summary of the process?

    • Lin Carson, PhD
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      Not enough oven spring: Two things that could be the problem for not getting enough oven spring in this situation.1. Your yeast expired. You don’t have enough yeast left to give the oven spring (cut your final proof with  25% less time) 2. Your dough isn’t right, you may not have mixed it properly due to your flour. Your flour may not be strong enough to handle the fermentation and oven spring. Zziwa is right. You need to share your process.

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      A common cause: not tight enough pre-shape or shaping; not enough tension on the loaf leading to poor oven spring.

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