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      My first post, please forgive me if all over the place.

      Dealing with a nasty illness, it has cost me much, I’m very lucky whom I married and am still am able to walk and talk today. I know that many who deal with this nasty illness, I suffer with MS, I know many who avoid bread and then I also know many who also avoid bread due to the gluten issues, however, I also know that gluten is not the issue for most unless they deal with Celiac issues. Of course few realise the issue with wheat can be addressed with at least 16 hours retarding your loaf in a cold fridge before baking, mind you, if one deals with celiac issues, retarding your loaf does nothing. And then eating foods made with ingredients mere mortals can’t pronounce is not an issue for us, I guess there could be health benefits from speaking or reading English poorly?

      Many replace wheat flour with vegetables and/or other means to create a loaf with ingredients loaded with inflammation which is worse than throwing out the baby with the bath water.  The dangerous of inflammation are slow and rather hideous, as someone who lives with a very serious inflammatory illness, I sadly know if and when my levels of inflammation are up, I lose the ability to walk, use my arms, double vision, talk and more, much more. Luckily I know my way around in the kitchen, so we do not purchased processed foods or eat out often, I cook, bake, ferment, and make my own kombucha, milk kefir and more.

      Make pizza often, I have a sourdough starter going and will make dough with a preferment which I’ll allow to get all funky taking about 18 hours or so, generally I use bf to make the preferment, and then use about 33% each of ww, bf and semolina to make pizza dough, about 70% hydration using fileted water by means of Zerowater and I use a baking steel under the broiler.  I make the tomato sauce with tomatoes in glass jars from Italy, I know the fellow who makes the very wet mozzarella and peperoni’s, and then I prepare the other toppings. Also make sourdough bread, again allowing the preferment to sit about 12 hours, take 4 or 5 hours to stretch & fold my dough, and then retard in the fridge for two or more days before baking in a Dutch oven.
      <h2>Of course commercially this is either impossible or very costly. I know that at the French Corner Patisserie in Mississauga Ontario, Canada that they use a preferment to make all their breads and also make a wonderful sourdough baguette, I need to purchase two baguettes at a time, one for home and the other for the drive home, mind you, four croissants can work for the drive home as well, just the problem is the evidence on my shirt and car seat!</h2>

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