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Texture Technologies provides precision texture measurement instruments and expertise to companies and universities across North America. Known for our quality and outstanding customer support, our team and instruments can help you with whatever food testing challenge you’re facing!

For 30 years we’ve been the exclusive distributor of Stable Micro Systems in the United States and Canada, assisting customers in every texture test imaginable. We’ll work hard to understand your needs and then recommend the appropriate instrument, fixtures and test methods.

Food and Baking Industry

In new product development, improving existing quality, or even measuring how your product compares in the market, no other texture analyzer can help you understand your product better than the TA.XTPlus Connect.

For the food and baking industry, improve product quality, texture, shelf life and more! Our instruments and software are used in R&D, manufacturing and academic applications across the country. Let our texture profile analysis tools quantify key texture analysis parameters such as stickiness, resilience, springiness, cohesiveness, firmness, toughness, brittleness, relaxation, swelling, and extensibility.

Check out our Texture Profile Analysis resource guide and troubleshooting tips!

Texture Technology Texture Analyzers

No matter your project or scope, we can help you find the right instrument:

  • TA.XTPlus Connect: industry-leading texture analysis and texture measurement instrument.
  • TA.XTExpress Connect: the perfect texture measurement device for quality control product testing.
  • Hardware Accessories: Include sound, video, temperature and humidity measurement, and more, in your testing.
  • Probes and Fixtures: No matter what you are testing, we have a probe or fixture to help you obtain the most accurate and differentiating data possible.

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