SoFresh, Inc. is committed to mitigating food spoilage. Our team is dedicated to fighting food waste in the US and throughout the world. Our innovative packaging products allow food producers, wholesalers and retailers to naturally extend the shelf life of several foods and extend the consumable life for consumers. Our organic mold inhibiting film technology allows food to stay fresh longer with less or no preservatives requiring less refrigeration therefore saving our customers money.

We positively save food™.

The SoFresh™ Advantage:

  • Reduce food waste
  • Extend shelf up to 30 days
  • Clean label: reduce or eliminate preservatives
  • Increase profits by reducing manufacturing logistics and costs
  • Increased distribution
  • Works with your current packaging

Breakthrough technology

Our breakthrough technology wraps food in an atmosphere of food-grease, mold inhibiting vapor that extends product travel life, shelf life and consumption time. This is done with natural, organic products that have no smell or taste or residue.

There are numerous advantages to this technology including reduction of logistics costs, increased reach of distribution, healthier ingredient and cleaner labeling and ultimately a significant reduction in food waste. The shelf life extension can be tailored to the type of food and desires of the food manufacturer from hours to days.

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