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Hello @melissacdbq and to @khaled,

We still don’t hav3 a cake specific S curve yet.  The pandemic conditions have been creating new challenges in many areas and priorities.

The general curve I would not expect to be too different.  What happens when, is where the greater differences are.  Yes, 93°C or 200°F is the point of doneness required.  This is the temperature when all of the starches are unlocked and set.  Especially important in gluten free cakes with the variety of starches often used.

It is best to keep the bake temperature for cakes constant.  If the temperature for the particular formula is too high, you will see what bakers call peaking.  The cake batter starches start to set on the surface and edges, before the leaving has expanded, causing most of the leavening to expand in the center and the cake will look like a small mountain with cracks in the center when it comes out of the oven.    If the bake temperature is too low, the sides and edges will be too dry, by the time the center is baked.