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Hello @melissacdbq,

you can read more about sorbitol here: Maltitol also has similar properties.  In both cases you don’t want to use too much sugar alcohol, as this can cause intestinal discomfort.  While sugar alcohols can work well as humectants, you must also keep in mind that they are only approximately 75% as sweet as sugar.  High fructose corn syrup is an excellent humectant, and tends to have a higher sweetness impact than sugar.

A traditional pound cake is 25% sugar.  This helps make it very moist and provide good keeping qualities.  When you aim to replace 40% of that sugar, you need to consider how you will provide the sweetness, the bulking functionality, and the humectant functionality, as well as Maillard browning, etc.  This is important whether gluten free or traditional full gluten formulation.

From the gluten free perspective, you also want to ensure you add protein and or other functional ingredients, to aid with texture and slow starch retrogression.  Whey protein concentrates are helpful  Other sources could be soy, pea, or legume proteins.