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Hi Mark! Thank you for the response.

Hello <span class=”atwho-inserted” contenteditable=”false” data-atwho-at-query=”@rona”> @ronaldski6</span>!  We can try to help you, if you can be more specific?

  • What are the key parameters for your shelf life? – preserving it at room temp coz not all customers can refrigerate it immediately, some need to travel for a long period before getting home, some re-sell it also
  • How long is you current shelf life? – 1-2 days room temperature
  • How long do you need the shelf life to be? A week I think will be very helpful

Without knowing these basics to start with, there is not much I can offer on advice, except to ensure you refrigerate as soon as the custards are cool enough to do so. – yes we advise them and labels have “Keep Refrigerated” printed on it, yet most dont put it in refs immediately