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Hi @independant-consultant

Hope you’re doing great.

Once again, thank you so much for the explanation you’ve already given.  They’re really helpful.

Am sorry that my response came very late.


I still have some more concerns and do  solicited your kind help.

1. Most bakeries in the Western Africa use between 50% – 60%  water in mixing commercial bread doughs.

My question is this: if I should use 50% or 60% of water for the the sponge,  what percentage of water do I then use for the other part of the flour.

2. Generally, the most widely used yeast is instant dry yeast. Is this ok  and do I use the entire percentage in the sponge or reserve some for the other part of flour?

3. Since l’ll be using ascorbic acid, do I add the entire percentage to the sponge.

4. Can I use all the following combinations in my commecial bread production?

*Ascorbic acid (at whatpercentage)

*Citric acid (at what percentage)

*Vinegar (apple cider at what percentage)

*Ginger powder

*Garlic powder (at what percentage)



*Honey (at what percentage)

Here in Mali, we don’t have ascorbic acid in powdered form, only the tablet is available. I will have to order from Nigeria if the tablet here is not effective. More so, Please, I didn’t understand the ascorbic acid measurement using the ppm formula. But after making lots of research,  I  found several AA dosage for breadbaking: Some said the baker’s percentage for AA is 0.03%, some say it’s 1 gram per kilo. A chef am following suggested 1tsp for every 1kg flour or 1/2 tsp for every 4kgs with the combination of 1tbsp of ginger powder.

Once again, thank you so much for your help.